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Hello Worldlies –

Ellen – Good job on the weight loss. How are you feeling? Is your sinus problem gone now that you’ve had the z-pack? How about your foot?

Happy – I’m glad there will be additional help at the shop. Sorry you didn’t have the 3 days off you thought you did. Bummer. I’m glad the party was nice, and that you were appreciated with a gift. I hope dh doesn’t have to live with the heart palps – it seems to happen frequently enough to be uncomfortable and alarming. Re the pizza, yes, it doesn’t rise as much – the amount of yeast used was smaller than for other items like bread. And it is the toppings that can add up quickly. Good thing I don’t like very much cheese on my pizza, and I like sausage and pepperoni, but again, not too much. The idea of more than one type of meat together on a pizza or double meat just doesn’t appeal to me at all. As the recipe advised, we actually poached the pepperoni slices for a few minutes to draw out some of the fat.'s pepperoni. Not light and healthy.

Shad – Loved that firefighter photo you posted. Re the miniature rooms – yes, it was indeed a very rich woman who created them (married to a descendent of the person who founded the Montgomery Ward department stores). I can only imagine the cost of creating these rooms with so much accuracy – all the furnishings, etc being custom made for those rooms. So you’ve gotten extended for another 3 months. I hope they go better than the past couple…As Mel said – take the money and run! Good you’ll have brighter lodging for the remainder – and a view to boot! Nice. You’re right that there’s still quite a bit to get done before the holidays, but with this stuff I will be able to do it in a last minute rush, my specialty.

Mel – The Christmas menu sounds great – especially the pork. And anything in a pastry, of course. Poor Richie having to work, but the $$ will be appreciated, I’m sure. Gosh, I hope your stamps finally arrived! Glad you enjoyed the link for the miniature rooms. I find them fascinating. No more cake for you – you don’t seem to have my cast-iron stomach, haha. We went to the middle Eastern place for lunch yesterday and of course I had to pick up a piece of baklava to take home. It was actually about twice as large a piece as usual, so I shared it with bf. Glad you feel better after your “nothing day” yesterday.

Ceejay – Have you gotten your new eyeglasses yet? It’s good to know that your docs are using the latest technology. But it sure costs!! Hope you’ve found the part for your mower without too much cost or trouble. Ugh, long days and long week for you. Is it 2 days or 3 days left now? Hope they go by quickly. I can relate to you not getting to bed on time – after the long workdays you need to wind down a bit before being ready to hit the hay. Sorry your shoes are uncomfortable - and the Reeboks are new??? I hate that! Hope you find a pair that feels better – painful feet probably make the workdays feel longer than they already are. A Christmas dinner sounds nice - enjoy. I took vacation yesterday, and so I missed the holiday luncheon at the office. Oh well. I don’t post regularly over the weekends and I’ve been having a lot of long weekends lately, so you haven’t missed my posts, they’re just not there! (But I’m more than making up for it with this long post, LOL.)

Annie – Glad you enjoyed the Hobbit. Not my cup of tea…Tonight we’re seeing Hitchcock. Sounds like you’ve been keeping busy – shopping, babysitting, rock-candy-making! I think I was also originally thinking of the same recipe Happy was, but the process you described reminds of making brittle/English toffee. A massage sounds nice…maybe not quite a deep tissue one – a little too intense for me. But I sure hope yours helped your shoulder/arm. How was the pitch-in??

Michelle – Yay for the divorce paperwork being done! One thing off the list. Between that and an upcoming vacation, I’m glad it put you in a lighter mood. I bet your hair looks great. I don’t do too much with makeup and I feel like I’m in such a rut – I was thinking about going to a makeup counter and seeing what they’d do with me. Aside from trying to sell me $$$’s of products that is... Part 2: Sorry you were kept awake by worries. I’ve heard you should write them down and it supposedly helps you let them go – for a bit at least. I can definitely see how the uncertainty would make for sleepless nights.

Hellos to Patty & Java!

Another long weekend done and gone. Did I mention the pizza we made Thursday night turned out tasty? I’d like the crust to be a bit thinner, but it was a good first effort. Friday we cleaned and tidied & bf’s mum came over for dinner. We also took her over to see the mall’s light show. I got my out of town package shipped Saturday morning.

The tree is now up and mostly decorated. Oy, that tree is big. Not more than 7 feet tall, but very girthy. Takes up a lot of space and needs a lot of ornaments. And it’s a major hassle to push and pull through the attic access opening, and it gets a bit manhandled when it goes through that! I finally had a realization that we should be wrapping the tree (in its storage bags) in bungie (sp??) cords before we store it in the attic. The branches are hinged and this year when we set up the tree, the branches were really mangled! Probably needs more fussing and fluffing than I gave it, but it still looks good with its lights lit. I think I’m going to secretly purchase a skinnier tree for next year…

The wreath is up too, and a couple strings of lighted garland in the 3-season room. I did more shopping yesterday but still have a bit more to do…

I went to the gym on Sunday and did cardio on a treadmill, elliptical and an arc machine. Still not sure why an arc machine exists – mostly like an elliptical. Also did a good ab workout. Yesterday I went to the step class. Dog walks all weekend.

Okay, meeting coming up so I better get this behemoth posted!

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