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Becky, I also wish I could hear your son and his cohorts singing. Those boyish voices always sound so rapturous, and this time of year is about the only time they can be heard. You've given me a yen to hear them. I wish they'd go caroling through neighborhoods in the open air ... or else I need to get myself invited to some friend's kids' concert. Or maybe there's some TV Christmas special featuring the Vienna Boys Choir. (I just realized I haven't watched a live TV Christmas special in ages & ages, and yet that was something that was traditional in my childhood. And not just the elderly Bing Crosby ... there were all kids of Christmas specials on TV back in the day.)

Allison, that house, that house. Wow. Who are the Grays and where does their money come from? I mean the money to hire architects, cut into a hillside, drill through rock, erect steel girders, and move boulders, to get some equivalent of Fallingwater only not built on a waterfall? Ah, I like "Mad Men" and its historical recreations, but I'm far from a midcentury modern or Frank Lloyd Wright devotee -- and yet, yes, I can see, this is really something. Only people with the means to live far from neighbors can live on a stage setting inside a glass box.

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