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I used to go all the time in the 80's. I was into what was then considered some new wave and alternative music. I was in my 20's then living in suburbia.

Over the years I have seen:
Bryan Adams
The Spoons.
Culture Cub
The Fixx
Rod Stewart
Duran Duran
The Police
Blue Peter
Leonard Cohen
The Cure
J Geils Band
Tears for fears
Howard jones
David Bowie

I can't remember the rest. Lol I feel dated
PluckyPear - I knew I liked you. I was a tween and teen in the 80s. Had a giant poster of Robert Smith on my bedroom wall. The Police was the first concert I ever saw. My dad got me tickets as a Valentine's day present. I was in fourth or fifth grade. I would kill to see David Bowie live and am considering going to see Morrissey in January. (Problem: January in Ohio. The likelihood of snow is high.)

Last year, my brother gave me a CD of "Just Can't Get Enough: A Very New Wave Christmas," which is bloody awesome. The track list:

1. Thanks For Christmas - The Three Wise Men (aka XTC)
2. Christmas Day - Squeeze
3. Fairytale Of New York - The Pogues Featuring Kirsty MacColl
4. Rudolph The Manic Reindeer - Los Lobos
5. 2000 Miles - The Pretenders
6. Santa Claus - Throwing Muses
7. Little Drummer Boy - Miracle Legion
8. Xmas At K-Mart - Root Boy Slim And The Sex Change Band With The Rootettes
9. Peace On Earth/Little Drummer Boy - David Bowie And Bing Crosby
10. One Christmas Catalogue - Captain Sensible
11. All I Want For Christmas - Timbuk 3
12. Shouldn't Have Given Him A Gun For Christmas - Wall Of Voodoo
13. Santa's Beard - They Might Be Giants
14. Christmas - The Buzz Of Delight (Featuring Matthew Sweet)
15. Christmas Time - Chris Stamey Group
16. Mary Xmess - Sun 60
17. Careless Santa - Mono Puff
I saw, uhm. The Three Irish Tenors. They have great voices but the concert was pretty provincial. So, of course, is my town. However, in the Christmas portion they sang "Fairytale of New York" by the Pogues, which rocked. I am sure I was the only one who knew the original in the auditorium. Though maybe I am overconfident.
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