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Hello all. Back to work today. At least it's a short week for me.

Mel - Hope you get some sun today. Probably good you didn't go browsing - I always think that leads to a purchase of some sort even if not planned, unless it's window shopping and the store it closed!!! Re the bar name - I always forget the name, so I start to say "Twisted" instead of "tilted", dunno how I get quilt for the 2nd word. No drinks needed - just a weird tongue twisty thing for my brain. Though I did have a glass of red wine with dinner and one beer at the bar that night... Hope the alarm guy replaces the batteries so the alarms stop going off!!! PS - I can just see you pulling that wagon along behind your chair, with Jen as the passenger.

Annie - Love that wagon. I love the old-fashioned red ones, but they never had cup holders and an umbrella! Cool!

Ceejay - I hope the phone has stopped ringing by now. Don't they know you have real work to do??

Hellos to the rest of the Worldlies. Hope your week is going well!
Yesterday I did accomplish some gift shopping, yay. One thing ended up being purchased online, so I expect that to arrive soon, and hopefully by the end of the week I can have the wrapping & packing done & ready for the post office.

I took a few things down from the attic and did a teeny-tiny bit of decorating.

Bf and I were at the mall near the house last night to view their holiday light show - we weren't sure what to expect, but it was like a film that was cleverly projected on the side of a hotel building that's right off the center court of our newly created "lifestyle center". (They dismantled the old "indoor" mall a couple years ago and built a bunch of strips of stores and "streets" that weave through them and I think they now call the new "mall" Randhurst Village.) Anyway, the windows of the hotel were incorporated into this little film and it was very cute. All of 5 minutes in length, but nice. We were also there to buy bf's new sneakers, and on the way there we also drove by the nicely lighted/decorated house I'd seen last Friday.

After we returned home, bf and I went to the gym. I wore my new sneakers on the treadmill, did a mile walk, and then got on a elliptical for another mile, or 1.0 of whatever they measure as distance on that machine. Also did a little bit of ab work. Next test for my new sneakers is to make sure my orthotics fit inside them!! I've been very lucky I haven't had any foot pain from the plantar fasciatis for a couple years now, and I want to keep it that way! Even though the shoes are comfortable enough without the orthotics, I don't want to press my luck.

I'm pretty certain I'm keeping these shoes, but I'm being cautious before I order a second pair. If they're comfy enough, I would order a pair in black for my work commute. I'm not into black sneakers at all, but they'd look better than white ones with my dress slacks. I only have one pair of shoes that I like to wear to work in the colder weather - my old sneakers have too much mesh in them and my feet get cold.

Not going to the movie tonight. Not really interested in the ones selected.

Signing off before another interruptions. TTFN!
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