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Morning ladies.

Happy - Nice you made your place all festive. I'm going to do some decorating today. Yes, taking SIX vacation days this month - have to use my vacay days, can't carry many over. Take care of that foot today at work! And stay warm - 14 degrees!!! The snow sounds pretty though. I say I'm a traditionalist with my popcorn - good old fashioned popcorn popped in oil with butter, but I also like the cheddar popcorn, and I also like the Chicago mix - caramelcorn & cheddar together. I have a sneaky feeling if I tried other savory flavors I'd enjoy them. As for the sweet flavors...chocolate makes just about everything better, so I wouldn't turn up my nose to some popcorn drizzled with it.

Michelle - Sorry you've had to work non-stop lately - I can't wait for you to go on your vacation and get some rest time with family and friends. Good medicine for you! I guess til then you just have to keep your head down and get the job done, and make sure you're keeping yourself healthy. Is there going to be a break in all the hours you're putting in or is this going on indefiintely?? At least the divorce stuff is progressing and will presumably be done sometime in the near future.

Ellen - Congrats on the weight loss! See you around soon.

Annie - You sound like you kept busy this weekend. A wagon is a great gift for the li'l guy - it will surely get a lot of use! Wow, good thing for the insurance on the ring! Don't like grapefruit - too bitter for me. I remember when I was little I'd watch my brother prepare a half-grapegruit for himself, spooning oodles of sugar on top of it!

Mel - Glad you have the wreath out of the apartment, hope that helped the sinuses. We had rain/drizzle all day yesterday, bleh. But it'll be good for all the landscaping. Our area is breaking a record for longest consecutive time without snow - 281 days if it doesn't snow today. And if it doesn't snow by 12/16, I think we'll tie a record for latest first snowfall, set in 1965.

Can't recall if I recapped my day off on Friday or not, and I don't recall what I did that day. Hmmm. Lazed around in the AM, then off to the laundromat to do a load of small rugs. While they were in the washer, I ran over to Hobby Lobby to buy a replacement cord for a pendant I have. Back to the laundromat, then off to the resale shop. Bought a scarf, a fleece hood type thingie, a pickle ornament for the bf (I know there's some sort of story with that, but I haven't read the insert in the package it's in, I just know bf loves pickles so this is just a fun stocking stuffer for him). What else? Oh, a tiny little christmas tree to sit on the mantle - gosh, what else? I'll remember later. Rest of the day was a dog walk and a late lunch/early dinner.

Fri. night was book/movie night - we watched Delores Claiborne. Good movie, I knew Kathy Bates would be good. Jennifer Jason Leigh played her daughter in the movie, and I didn't care for her character at first, but she grew on me by the end. After that we ended up watching some youtube videos for a bit - seems our hostess's hubby is into that and has many favorites saved. So it was a late night even though I thought it wouldn't be. I passed a totally lit up house on the way home that I have to drive by again because it was so great.

Saturday I went to the circuit class & changed into my new shoes in the locker room to test them out. I didn't think of the shoes at all while working out, so they must be comfortable! I still want to give them the treadmill test - maybe today?? Also cleaned up the 3-season room w/ bf, and returned the neighbor puppy twice - our neighbor also retrieved him one additional time on his own. He must like our yard, lol. So cute!! Coal likes him too. Dog walk, and then I packed up and caught the train out to my friend D's place.

D and her sis and another friend & I went out to eat and then to a bar - Ellen, it was Tilted Kilt, the one in Elgin - you said you went to one of thos once, right?? I also call it Twisted Quilt because I have trouble getting the name right, haha. Anyway, we watched most of the first set of an 80's band. they were pretty good, but none of us were up for a late night, so we left around 11:30. Why my post from there got posted three times, I have no idea, lol.

Slept over by D's, then we chatted in the AM and went out for lunch before I caught my train home later in the afternoon. Bf picked me up from the train and since he didn't gallantly offer to walk the dog, I got dressed in more appropriate clothes for a dog walk in the drizzily, chilly ick that was Sunday.

Today is another vacay day. Was supposed to go to the museum today, but no. Not to be. Instead I will do some decorating, visit the library, and maybe shopping - I have gifts that need to be shipped, for Pete's sake, so procrastination is not possible!! Maybe an exercise class or the gym treadmill tonight.

Okay, better get up and at it. We all know vacation days go by at least twice as fast as work days, LOL.

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