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Good morning all,

Will try this again.

Annie I had to laugh that you finally figured out what the "egg light" means even funnier was that you thought we were talking in a secret code I think Mel started it actually **pokes Mel** Sounds like you were busy Lizzie over the weekend. How did the fish come out? That's my favorite way to cook it. Good eatin' at Annie's place. I just have to ask - was your $97 wagon all plastic? Just don't make those sturdy red flyers any more - held kids, dogs, a load of groceries (from when we walked down the road to the store) or anything else you could stuff in them. Did you get all of the corporate suits out of the office so you can go back to just doing excessive amounts of work??

Just a comment about grapefruit - that and pomegranate interfer with several medications so if you are taking stuff - make sure that's not conflicting.

Michelle - holy geez 1 - seems like all you ever do is work on your day job 187 hours a week holy geez 2 - sure is a heckofalotta work getting divorced - must be a government thing with so much paperwork good thing you have a vacation to look forward to.

Ellen - congrats on the weight loss!

Mel - you could've given me the wreath - I would have loved the smell and I think that's far enough away from you where it would have not bothered you any more. Yes, we will be careful around the turkeys - not that they'd ever let us get in touching distance. Big suckers too. They are about 2/3 of my height and they have some mean looking feet - probably not as dangerous as Shad's 'roos but I do respect gas, electricity and wild animals So what is this little tidbit you drop about fashion drawings??? Please do tell more - inquiring minds want to know.

Laura - too funny on the reposts of messages. Did you want us to get the point Glad you had a good time. Are you taking any time off at Christmas?

Shad - back at work again. Before I met you I had never heard of the word savory. It was either sweet or salty. Now I understand savory and use it often in the popcorn shop as we have both sweet flavors (which I'm not that fond of except for an occasional nibble of the kettle corn drizzled with white and dark chocolate) and the savory stuff which I find much more tempting. When I tell folks that the savory is better - I'm not sure they understand either Hope the next few weeks are not so crazy for you and you can accomplish something worthwhile.

Next 2 and a half weeks are going to be crazy busy for me at work. I am NOT looking forward to it. My foot is sore - I lean against the counter at work and lift one foot in the air like a flamingo. I just hope it doesn't get too much more inflamed. We got about 6 inches of snow altogether. It's really pretty. Looking out the window I see the pine trees all covered. Looks like someone dabbed globs of Liquid Paper all over them - or white sugar frosting. It's pretty and now DH is about to go out and plow and I need to hop in the shower. Have a good Monday chicks.
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