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I used to have those cravings too, and not all that long ago either. However, Iv'e been trying to focus on losing weight for several years now, and this year I threw myself into it: podcasts, working out, and taking advice from health experts. Finally, I realized that I was just eating too many calories than I was able to burn off, so two weeks ago, I buckled down and began calorie counting. I had been making ALL of my meals and bringing a lunch to work, and I even outsmarted myself and brought a snack for my car ride home (I could easily stop at a drive through on the way home, and did so many, many times. And I would come home and eat some more, until I was so uncomfortable I wanted to burst.).

I am only in week 2 of sticking to my caloric need, 1500-1700 calories, and I have already seen results. I was so proud that I was able to go to the next loop on my belt last Friday! Only 5 days of sticking to it! I mentally focus on controlling myself, which involves preparing everything for the next week and having good food on hand.

I'm only focusing on my diet for now, as I've heard it takes 3-4 weeks to effectively change a habit. I've been preparing my meals now for over 6 months, and that took a while to completely form that habit as well. Now, I stick to my plan and have no reason or need to eat fast food. As I know exercise is important to health and fitness, I will begin exercising again in January. But for now, completely focusing on my food intake and not stressing my body out, which will (and has) made me want to eat more.

This method may not work for everyone, but it has worked for me. It sounds like a lot of work, but it's really not. It involves putting dry, steel cut oatmeal into a sandwich bag, cottage cheese and yogurt into small separate containers, and crock potting a turkey or chicken with veggies and separating that into smaller, lunch-size portions. I make a half turkey and cheese sandwich or cut up veggies for the car ride home, and I take my coffee without sugar (only non-dairy cream) now. The little changes have made significant differences since I have stuck to my calorie intake.

When it comes down to it, weight loss comes down to calories in vs. calories out. I make it into a fun daily math equation (because I'm a huge dork, lol) and gauge my success based on my number.

Hope you can take something from this. Good luck and stick around on 3FC! Lots of good support here. Let us know how you're doing.

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