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Woot! Huzzah, Kaylets! So nice to hear your: "Here we go Monday, Here we go!!"

Thanks re the kind words re what the clerk said to me.

And I concur in thinking that Wsw is beautiful, too, and you, Kaylets, are also!

Kaylets, I love what you said here: "We tell others, we see it in others, we deserve to see it in ourselves."

I have just recently (at my advanced age) been learning that and learning, too, not to internalize the negativity of others towards me. I am just healing from all that. I think (hope) it will translate into reaching this "ideal weight" idea I have in my wee brain as a cap to this year lol.

Well, ate a lot today yet again but have an eating plan worked out for the rest of the week that'll help. My 10,000 step program is going very well and I always exceed that number, plus I am doing weights and some Leslie vids in addition to the dedicated walks and daily activities that make up the 10,000 steps.

So feeling strong on all fronts. Woot!
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