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Good morning gals. It is warm, warm, warm here. Supposed to be upper
70's today though it is really cloudy. I have my morning chores done and next on the list is dusting and vacuuming this morning sometime. I also say for 2 hours and did my household budget for next year. I did give up after I finished August though and will go back to it maybe tomorrow and finish up. A few years ago I made a budget expense list that really helps. I put the payment amount and date it has to be paid then just go down the list and slot it into my budget. Things like utilities I estimate since I know approximately the top end of those. For things like swiss colony, which I have an account with and usually have a balance until the first of the year because I buy gifts from there for people like Tom's parents for Christmas or whatever. I give it a slot then when it is paid off, I mark paid off on the expense sheet until it has a balance again. It works great, but it takes a long time to slot in payments then things I don't pay every month, like my health insurance or our sirrius account for the car. I just put them on the list and the months and date they need to be paid. I couldn't live without a budget. I would certainly forget stuff for things I don't get paper bills for.

We had a nice time this weekend with the kids. Jackson loved his presents, which was nice. They left for home this morning. Thomas was on a camping trip all weekend, but got home in time for presents and then out to eat last night. I got fish, but only ate one piece and none of the fries. We won't see them again until June when we go up there for his birthday.

Susan: The guys did great. Jay finished with a 5:03 time and Tom about half an hour later. They got separated and Jay had to finally start running again. Tom was having problems because he still had cold remnants then developed a bad couple of blisters on his feet but they both finished. I am very proud of them both. Do you have the new Kindle Fire? My Kindle is being really sluggish opening and closing lately. Don't know what that's about. I have been enjoying books on it though. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend.

Maggie: We went to Genghis Grill for lunch yesterday, Dad was treating, Jack and I sat amazed at Jackson. Thomas knows how to use chopsticks and eats with them as does his parents, but Jackson had never used them. He had to imitate T though and picked them up and used them like a pro. I couldn't believe he had the dexterity at 5 to not drop anything. I can't use the darn things very well at all.

Jean: Jackson used Thomas's IPad when we went to dinner on Friday night and loved some game that was on it like I said. Jay said he really isn't into video games a whole lot. He is more physical, ball and running around and stuff like that. He was hopped up Friday night that's for sure.

Well girls, it is almost 10 so I have to get some work done. You all have a great day. Faye
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