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Originally Posted by Halfagain View Post
New Pic complete :-) got the hair cut, and did the dark chocolate color. I know I will love this style. It's still a bit wet from the coloring, but I wanted to take it while it was still light outside. It should fluff up a bit more when all dry.

I stopped at the nail salon I used to go to (where I'd get acrylic nails because my nails were so brittle and peeled so much). Since doing IP and probably the added Purvana (hair/skin/nails biotin supplement) my nails are the best they have been in my entire life, even when I was a teen. I got a manicure and painted Fire Red! Some new thing - well new to me, called a gel nail color? The shop owners don't speak english well, so I'm not sure what the advantage is of it, but I was so happy not to get acrylic nails, I said sure.
:w hoo:WOW!!!!!You look so good, way to go girl, looking so young. Makes me want to color my hair again, my DH doesn't want me to color, says he likes it o natural, but I'm not sure I do? But as for gel nails, you will love them, they last a long time, and
Way to go on red, tiz the season! Yes! Great job.

Originally Posted by rainbowsmiles View Post
just a quick pop in cause i was surely missing everyone!!!!!
i'm back home safe and sound....until the weekend again...

sorry i could not find any time to post this weekend while away at family time. i didn't even take my laptop because i knew i would be so busy!!

will catch up tomorrow...have to unpack and do loads of laundry now!!


MOLLY....OMG!!!! 100 POUNDS GONE...YOU DID IT GIRLFRIEND!!! i just knew you would!! i agree with everyone....YOU ARE MY HERO!!!!!!!!!!!! and such a HUGE INSPIRATION to never ever ever give up or give in!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!

BARB!!! OMG...i love love love love your new photo and you look 15 yrs younger!!!!!!!!!!!! love the hair love the new you, love the top!!! YOU JUST LOOK SO HAPPY AND FABULOUS!! i just heart you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yea rainbows back,we missed you!

Well I had a little slip up and I'm trying to just dust off and forget about it, I made a big batch of chex mix with pecans,cashews,walnuts and almonds and all the other stuff, any way it smelled soooo good and I had to stir every 15 minutes, well each time I stirred I ate one of each nut, UHGG so I figure that's probably 1/4 c of mixed nuts. So my fat for the day is up but at least it's not too bad on carbs and no sugar, so I'm going to forgive and forget!
I just got some more keto stixs on Friday and I am still in ketosis, I hadn't any stix for probably a month and curiosity got the better of me, so I was happy about that, how many of you guys use the stixs?

Well now that I've got all that out, I feel better, thanks to all of you, now off to bed after this football game! Goodnight all! Teena

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