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Originally Posted by joysh View Post
Yay! I'm actually fine with losing just a little more slowly than some others. As impatient as I am, I think it's better for me. Of course, it's more expensive, but I feel better adjusting more gradually. Ok - we'll see how I feel after WI on Tuesday! I stayed the same last week after a 5 pound loss the week before. It's very erratic with me.

Love the haircut and new picture! And nails too! Yay! I'm ready for my red Christmas nails. I need to get to a big city for that. Next weekend for me!
Thank You! Here's to another great WI on Tuesday (raising my water glass your way) - I know what you mean about being impatient I used to have a mini goal to loose 3 a week, and I made that for quite a while, knowing it would slow down. I have had to modify my min-goal to be 2 a week, and I may well need to change that mini-goal at some point to less. My little charts and graphs setting goals really helps me focus on seeing where all this is leading.

Originally Posted by Lizzy63 View Post
Halfagain - love the new hair - you look FANTASTIC!

I think the gel polish is supposed to last longer, but honestly I'm not into doing my nails. I did get a pedicure when I lost my first 20 mostly because I wanted the pampering for my feet, but I did get the bright red polish.
Thank you! LOL I walked into the bathroom and had to do a double take seeing myself a few minutes ago. It's what I'm used to seeing in the mirror :-)
I like doing my nails, but I think DH likes me doing them more. He suggested I should start doing them again actually. I was surprised he even thought about it. The person doing the manicure even gave me a shoulder/arm/neck massage! Oh boy! I can get used to this.

Originally Posted by BushyTailed View Post
Thanks, Dana, for the link to the Omron scale. That looks so cool. I love gadgets and have been looking at it. The Omron web page lets you download the PDF of the instruction manual (how cool is that?) so I've been perusing.
Hi, Lizzy. Yep, hope to be bright eyed AND bushy tailed. I wanted a login name that was sort of motivating. Like, "I'm bright eyed and bushy tailed and I'm going to do this." And as my weight tends to be in my hips, thighs, and rear, the "Bushy Tailed" part of it seemed kind of accurate.

HalfAgain: Fun, fun, fun new hairstyle and color. And I know I'd love the nails. I get acrylic because I'm hard on my nails and it's the only way for me to have any; but a friend gets gel and she loves it. Very shiny, color lasts well, and not as hard on your real nails as the acrylic. Let me know you like them. I'd like to try them some day -- just to see -- but my nail tech doesn't do gel.
LOL on how you chose your name :-) I LOVE it! I can't do the fancy scale option, as I have a metal implant and at least from what I've seen they scale says it won't work quite right with that in there. I'll just do my normal scale and be envious of you all. Let us know how you like it when it comes. Thanks for the nice comments! I'll let you now how the gel things go. I have been amazed so far that I the nail tech was pressing warm wash cloths over them not that long after, and I didn't booger them up before I got home (unlike the old days I remember with just regular polish)

Originally Posted by DanafromAustin View Post
You look GREAT!!! I was getting the gel nail color and loved it, but unfortunately for me my cuticles hated it. They would swell up and become really painful. I think I'm allergic to some chemical that's in the product and the same thing happened to me when I tried the acrylic nails. The gel nail polish doesn't ruin your nails like the other overlays do, but still allergic to it. I even googled my issue and found I was far from alone in this problem. Oh well, now I just treat myself to a pedicure once a month instead.
Thank you Dana! Great info on the nails. I remember getting painful cuticles with the acrylics before. I think they painted too close to them or something. So far, knock on wood, these haven't bothered me. I am very reactive to scented cloths soap or dryer sheets (get hives), so I hope these aren't something that will set me off.

Originally Posted by rainbowsmiles View Post
just a quick pop in cause i was surely missing everyone!!!!!
I'm back home safe and sound....until the weekend again...

sorry i could not find any time to post this weekend while away at family time. i didn't even take my laptop because i knew i would be so busy!!

will catch up tomorrow...have to unpack and do loads of laundry now!!


MOLLY....OMG!!!! 100 POUNDS GONE...YOU DID IT GIRLFRIEND!!! i just knew you would!! i agree with everyone....YOU ARE MY HERO!!!!!!!!!!!! and such a HUGE INSPIRATION to never ever ever give up or give in!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!

BARB!!! OMG...i love love love love your new photo and you look 15 yrs younger!!!!!!!!!!!! love the hair love the new you, love the top!!! YOU JUST LOOK SO HAPPY AND FABULOUS!! i just heart you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Welcome home Rainbow!! You were missed! Thank you for such sweet comments about the changes. I'm still getting used to them :-) but it was a very fun day. I'll have some fun at the work dinner coming up next week and surprise folks there for sure.

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