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Originally Posted by Halfagain View Post
New Pic complete :-) got the hair cut, and did the dark chocolate color. I know I will love this style. It's still a bit wet from the coloring, but I wanted to take it while it was still light outside. It should fluff up a bit more when all dry.

I stopped at the nail salon I used to go to (where I'd get acrylic nails because my nails were so brittle and peeled so much). Since doing IP and probably the added Purvana (hair/skin/nails biotin supplement) my nails are the best they have been in my entire life, even when I was a teen. I got a manicure and painted Fire Red! Some new thing - well new to me, called a gel nail color? The shop owners don't speak english well, so I'm not sure what the advantage is of it, but I was so happy not to get acrylic nails, I said sure.
You look GREAT!!! I was getting the gel nail color and loved it, but unfortunately for me my cuticles hated it. They would swell up and become really painful. I think I'm allergic to some chemical that's in the product and the same thing happened to me when I tried the acrylic nails. The gel nail polish doesn't ruin your nails like the other overlays do, but still allergic to it. I even googled my issue and found I was far from alone in this problem. Oh well, now I just treat myself to a pedicure once a month instead.
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