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Hi coaches.... yesterday was healthy until bedtime, when I ate extra unplanned food. I can't change the past... moving forward today.

I coming to the winddown of my headcold. It's spread to one eye - all crusty. I don't think it's actually pinkeye. We'll see tomorrow which 'direction' it goes. I have an appointment anyway Tues to have a followup on my bloodwork numbers.

DH brought home some Hershey chocolate syrup. He loves chocolate milk. I put in on the fridge door behind something else - so I won't see it everytime I open the door. He's now out to get 'something sweet'. He's not overweight... yet, he can eat a whole bag of candy. Not fair... Oh well. He told me he'd hide it from me. I can usually find it, if I look. I need to stay out of it!!!!

We might get out the Christmas decorations this weekend. I am really not up for it, however. Maybe tomorrow.

Some credits for yesterday: planned/measured/logged food, did exercises, had lots of water, weighed myself, and ate slower.

billbe - oops on the second snack. Yep, it's really easy get those sabatoging thoughts right away when something unexpected comes up. You getting around so well is great.

lexxiss/debbie - LOL at 'losing' DH - glad you found him so quickly. Kudo's for weighing in even after breakfast. Also, for all your good choices and preplanning!

gardenerjoy - you have a good goal. Only one pound gain during the holiday season sounds low...but, my thought is coming from the brain of an overeater of nearly 50 years. Carry on.

Have a great day.

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