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Ok ladies, I am back.

Going to be a crummy work day today. I am on the 1pm to 8pm shift. And that's not counting clean up so it probably will be later than that. My tummy has been giving me troubles lately so I generally have a yogurt in the morning and sip ginger tea at work and then eat when I get home after 5. I hate this shift because noon is too early for me to eat and I don't want to tempt the tummy to act up. 9pm is far too late to eat when I get home. I did pick up some deli meat at the store yesterday - maybe I can take a half sandwich and some grapes or something light to snack on. I hope business is slow so we don't have to stay open that late this month anymore

Didn't do too much yesterday - some laundry and grocery shopping. They had a rebate on chicken so I bought the required $25 worth and wrapped it in butcher / freezer paper and stowed it away. Then I read the rebate slip and I need the BAR code from the package as proof of purchase. Was going to put up the tree and then I realized that while I have the tree in a box and all the lights and decorations neatly in plastic tubs, one of the most important things is the darn tree stand which was big so I had it just sitting on the decorations in the attic in TN. Now it's packed heaven knows where in a box. Problem is my tree stand is white because my tree is white (with ornaments of a champagne color, light pink and maroon). You can't find white tree stands - only the basic red and green which would look horrid - even covered with a tree skirt. So I have to rethink this a bit... trouble is it's already December so I need to get a move on with decorating. Will find out when I go in today just how bad my work schedule is going to be. Honestly I'm kinda done with this job. It was fun for a while but I don't make enough money to really make it worth while. And it's interfering with other stuff I want to do. I just feel bad about quitting. The owner's DH is working another job so she kind of depends on us for the help. And it's the busy season this month so it would leave her in a lurch if I walked out. Not sure what to do...

I just can't believe how fast this year has flown by. I guess I am also feeling guilty that I haven't achieved as much as I wanted to when the year started and I had a fresh palatte in front of me.

Annie - hope you have great weather (I hear it's warmer south of me so I hope it extends out your way). A lovely day for the wedding and a good time to be had by all. Dance your socks off, make merry and post us a picture or two when you can.

Laura - hope you have a lively discussion at bookclub tonight. Certainly an interesting book to discuss. I know what you mean about having too many foils in your head if you get a couple of colors blended into the hair. I always hoped a big lightening storm did not swing by while I was sitting in the chair - talk about being a lightning rod

Shad - hope you are on your own in the peace and quiet, exploring some nice market. I was talking with my sister yesterday. She is an admitted honey snob. Told her I'd have to get my hands on some Kiwi honey again and she said "don't you DARE get me hooked on the really good stuff" I guess she has a good palatte like yours for the various tastes of the honeys.

Mel - I asked DH what kind of presents he wanted - he is thinking of maybe investing in ice fishing equipment this winter. I said sure, I know just what to buy for that kind of stuff I said I'd give it a try for about 2 hours or before I got too cold or had to go to the potty. I guess you buy a tent and get a propane heater but you still have to drill holes in the ice to drop your line and it gets wet and not very comfortable in there. We'll send him fishing and we'll just sit in the warm house and chat and just cook up the stuff once he brings home the cleaned fillets, right? It's nice that you had a quiet night to spend with Jen. The thing with the bitter tea is - you brew it too long - especially green tea. This is a problem because green teas are lighter in taste and if you are used to black teas, one tends to leave the green teas steep too long and they get bitter. If you only let the bag steep for the minute or two they recommend, the taste is so light it's barely above plain water. Takes a long time to get used to it. I also find that alot of the commercial herbal teas are just not that good - taste more like sugar water and no other flavor. I am trying to get used to tea with no sweetner but that's a difficult one. I guess we just have to stick with our holiday peppermint cappachino's eh lady?

Ceejay - hope you have a very nice time on your vacation and enjoy your visits with the family.

Michelle - have a good weekend too. Hope you get some time to play with Santa and have some relaxation time.

to the rest of the Worldlies. I should try and get a thing or two done before I head off to the store.

Happy December chicks.
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