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A study quoted in Thin For Life by Anne Fletcher says that the typical American gains a pound during the holiday season. Which is less than I would have thought. But the scary part is that the typical American doesn't lose that pound. That's how people who aren't really over eaters end up overweight as they get older.

So, my goal is to weigh on January 1 the same as I weighed on November 1.

Unfortunately, I'm starting at a deficit because, due to sloppy eating and sloppy thinking, I gained four and a half pounds in November! Well, some of that may be due to muscle development, but until I get the sloppy eating under control, I'm not going to accept that as a permanent gain.

I'm putting a note in my Tickler file so that I'll set the same goal next year, only on November 1 so I don't start out behind.

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