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You ladies are making me nervous! I will be having a hysterectomy in February unless there is a miracle and I can get pregnant after being on Megace for 6 months. I was diagnosed with endometrial cancer after not being able to get pregnant with my first child (they found the cancer by accident not even looking for it).

I have to have a full hysterectomy (tubes, ovaries, etc.) and am petrified all of the hard work I put into losing weight will be for nothing. I will be in surgical menopause before I even leave the hospital.

If I am lucky enough to get pregnant, bringing home a baby while I am in menopause (they'd do the hysterectomy at the time of birth), I'd be a heck of a lot happier.

I love this forum. We might not all have the same situation but the sisterhood is better than I have in real life. My friends don't understand how I feel, esp. the ones with babies.

Btw, I am only 37.

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