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I planned all sorts of things for Thanksgiving. Oh, it was going to be great!

None of it worked out and I ended up having a mediocre holiday with my kids. But there were things that worked out, and that's what I'm going to focus on. Yes, I totally overate potatoes, sugary things and grainy things (all the things I need to stay away from), and yes, I gained some weight back. But I know that it'll come off again.

I'm back at The Plan for every day again. OMG! I've been doing so well today! I feel invincible! Ya know what? That feeling will go away too! As a woman, middle-aged and menopausal, every emotional moment on this road to losing weight is different. But the weight loss trend, it's still with me. And I am so encouraged by the fact that I KNOW I'm never giving up.

As for your son, I have chubby sons too. I love them to pieces, but I have to let them figure things out for themselves. When they're with me, they'll see how I'm eating (healthfully), and they'll see that I'm getting healthier. They see that I'm exercising daily. And when they find value in it for themselves, they'll go there too. And then I'm sure they'll come around to my house and start preaching about how they're eating so healthy and what I should do, just to get back at me for all the years I've droned on and on about no sodas in the house and no candy, etc.

So many things to feel guilty about when raising kids. Enough to make me want to overeat!

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