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Sloan, I just clicked the link and am going to check out the jar salads when I finish posting here. Thank you in advance for the tips.

Nancy, I always enjoyed a kitchen with barstools and bar, too. Good times were had hanging around the kitchen.

Rhonda, your house IS perfect for gatherings. I am so happy for you and Doyle and for having you in my life. Happy Anniversary to you both. It doesn't seem like 6 years. Seems like just the other day you two got married.

My friend was coming out at 2 today but had to cancel. We're just going to piddle around here today. Another friend from Houston (not the couple who were here Thanksgiving) will be here for a visit tomorrow. We're actually turning into social butterflies.

My eating is back on track in spite of eating at Chicken Express. Just put some fat into my arteries; but, boy, was it good!
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