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Good morning, ladies! 45 degrees and sunshine this day.

I took yesterday off from work (boss went out of town) and went to my Glory Bee from 10-3 and then Ladies of the Evening from 6-9 so I had a whole day of sewing and socializing. Tonight is lock-in at Bella and Glory and I will be going to that. Tomorrow Sandy and I are going to some bazaars and open houses so more fun. I have some stuff from work I brouht home that I have to do by Monday so a little work in the fun just for variety.

Faye, I hope you are feeling better!

Jean, I wish I'd gotten the blinds in the windows when I had mine redone. I do have the UV glass that never feels cold to the touch. If you put a thermometer at the window and then take it to the middle of the room, it will be within 1 degree of each other. It has made a big difference in the HAC bills.

Maggie, that's nice the other church wants Will to come once a month. Although our Mass never changes, it's still nice to have a different priest once in a while for they present the message differently. I'd love to see your village. It's too bad you didn't mention the pasta machine last year for I gave mine away. It was made in Italy and worked wonderful.

Have a wonderful day. I need to get to the gym and then do some housework.

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