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Morning all,
Slept like a baby all night, wonder why.
There is supposed to be a solar eclipse today sometime, must look up when. Apparently 'the world' has flocked to Cairns as it tracks across the top end of Australia. Cairns however is cloudy with expected rain. Darwin is fine with only a bit of cloud around so it should be visible more or less. According to the boffins, Cairns will be the only ones to see totality. Here we will have 98% coverage however it will be at sunrise and much of the coverage will be below the horizon. Every man and his ute will be heading for the highest hill - of which there are very few. I live on one but I am on the wrong side of the building. I may or may not get to see much. I'll let you know.
Now the song is playing in my head. Bonnie Tyler, total eclipse of the heart.

Annie - glad it wasn't you all blasted out and blown up. So sad for those poor people.

Ceejay - hearing loss is a real pain. I have so many stupid problems with these hearing aids. Sometimes they are too loud and sometimes they scream in my ear and they are definitely not always comfortable. Bah humbug. They are however expensive.

Happy - Hope you got some inspiration from the rocket (arugula) uses. I just use it as a salad vegetable. If left to go to seed you should never have to buy seeds or seedlings ever again. Just like Coriander (cilantro) I have it growing in the gravel paths, I have it all over the garden, it is even in the rose garden.

Laura - I would love to have seen that deer jumping the fences. Poor Coal, probably thought it was another dog to play with. I will always remember the expression on Shad the dog's face when he saw a camel train for the first time. 'Now these are bloody big playmates'.

Mel - Plane ride was okay as plane rides go. I did manage to sleep for a while until some little tot decided that screaming was the way to get permission to run amok on the plane. My fellow passenger and I were not very amused. Having said that I didn't appreciate the screaming, I must also say that the mother should not have given in either. Talk about making a rod for your back. It is good to know you are up and running again. Seems like the Governor did a good job for you. And he got on with Obama (the opposition) I do like it when politicians for once in their lives forget the party line and actually work for the people.

Michelle - good to hear that you are settling in satisfactorily. Shame that the place is a bit noisy, but thats only to be expected in apartment blocks. I'm a bit lucky in that my apartment is separated by the fire stairs from the next one, but however if I want to go out onto the balcony, I can just about chat with the neighbouring block dwellers. I get a great view of the swimming pool next door and last night there was a guy swimming naked in there. Interesting, not really. He wasn't one of Mel's firies.

Okay - better go sort out my day. It's taken a while to write this but I have been fixing peoples problems in between personals. I need to go get a coffee and something to eat, then I might feel like wandering around asking people questions about whether they are doing okay with SAP. Not that they will tell me otherwise, I need to bully them into letting me see where they are at. It is a real pain.
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