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Good Evening, Flowers! The sun finally came out this afternoon but the wind continues to blow and it's 10 degrees wind chill outside! We drove home in a downpour of rain last night. As we got closer to home the harder it rained and we could hardly see the road markings. I was glad we didn't have to go any further than we did. We only had one service at 10:00 this morning, put on by a group who shared their music and entertained with a song and puppets. There was a potluck afterwards but we opted to come home. I've putzed away the afternoon reading the papers, crocheting on the afghan, and laundry. Now I need to clear off the table and island when I finish here.

Maggie -- I know you will enjoy using a pasta machine when you get it. Many years ago we had a neighbor who made the best Italian dishes and she made her pasta. Do you exchange gifts with your children and grandchildren? Postage has gone sky high! I mailed Maddie's gloves to her in a small, but larger than a letter envelope, envelope and it was 3 cents short of $2.00. The dinner last night was delicious! We had our choice of different kinds of pie for dessert; both of us chose pecan.

I'm off to see what's hidden on the table or island. Enjoy your evening!
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