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Michelle - So sorry to hear about Mischief. I'm certain she had a very good life with you - all the love and care you provided surely did that.

Happy - Good for you going through the boxes It'll happen, maybe not as quickly as you hoped, but it'll get there. Of course, I'm sure you're thinking, if I've lived without most of this stuff for this long, do I really need it?? But there's those things here and there that you will be delighted to have again. Don't subject yourself to the stress of an open house unless you like the idea of being forced to get the boxes organized and being able to decorate. Will your job slow down, i.e., less hours for you, during the slow winter period? It makes the job less pleasant, even getting the paycheck, when you know you'll be tuckered out and sore on your days off. Re the museum, when I was back there I was reminded all over again how beautiful a building it is, and it'll be nice to just visit there and enjoy the structure, and to visit some favorite things and discover new ones. Yes, there were plenty of "young people" around that looked like your typical art students.

Ceejay - Pretty scary with a break-in next door to you. I suppose you're really glad to have that security system in place. I hope they get the burglars!! Is your cousin's wife doing a family tree?

Mel - Everyone needs those sunny days, and especially after what you've gone through in your state. Must have seemed so surreal to have the snowstorm hit right after Sandy. Good for you taking the day off - I'm sure you roundly deserve it. Enjoy!!!

Everyone have a great weekend!!
Yesterday afternoon was our fundraiser finale at work. They have a live auction and raffles. I didn't have my act together, so I hadn't purchased any raffle tickets. The live auction items are really for the big shot execs, not the lowly peon employees - things that seem to go for $500 and upwards. That makes it boring for me. They need to change up the offerings on that part of the event.

I went to a circuit class after work. Dinner was a can of soup. I'm no longer a huge fan of canned soup, but sometimes it hits the spot for an easy quick meal. I have a bowl with a lid that I thought would be good if I bring soup to work, but now I realize it won't fit a whole can of soup. I might check out the resale shop to see what they have.

Last night I was flipping through a magazine bf's mom passed along to me and I found a recipe I might take to Thanksgiving dinner at bf's bro's house. It's a pumpkin cake roll. I have a similar recipe I clipped from another magazine way back when, so I'll dig that one up, compare the two and choose which one I'll make. The one I found yesterday has pecans and a cream cheese filling - yummy. Looking forward to trying it out.

Early tomorrow morning I have my mammo appointment (oh joy), and after that, bf and I are having breakfast with a former co-worker of mine. Nothing else planned. We have a 30% coupon for Kohls and bf has a gift card, so we'll probably be there sometime this weekend. I don't know what he plans to buy, but I need a pair of jeans!

Okay, enough rambling, back to work.

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