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Hi Ellen! You snuck in on me while I was rambling away! Good luck in the sales contest - do you have different targets because you're part time? Our hot water heater is doing okay right now (knock on wood), but we might be ready to begin some research about how it can be vented differently. We have a high efficiency furnace that was installed a while ago that vents through a pvc pipe out the side of the house. Our old furnace chimney is still in place and is now only used to vent the hot water heater. Can the newer hot water heaters be vented via pvc pipe? I wouldn't mind removing or capping off the old furnace chimney because it has been recommended that we make repairs to the masonry/flashing part that is outside the house.

More than you wanted to know, I'm sure...

Not gaining is a good thing! Inches lost is a good thing too...I think. I've lost a lot of muscle from not exercising and I think that's part of the reason my clothes are fitting more loosely now.

I hope you get dd's school issues under control before they become more of a problem!

Good luck to DH with his surgery, and may he have a speedy recovery!!
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