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Morning all.

Annie - Sounds like a nice bday celebration you had for S. So your dad's quite the competitor?

Happy - Sorry the broccoli soup didn't turn out to your liking. I hate putting effort into a recipe and not having it turn out tasty. I usually only walk Coal on the weekends, and bf walks him during the week. We'll both be walking him during daylight hours, so it's a bit earlier than during the longer days. Rather awkward to have to bring a flashlight and pick up after the dog in the dark!!

Michelle - I'm glad the move went well, but so sorry you've got a respiratory infection. I'm glad you got to the doc quickly, because those seem to really hit you hard. Take care!

Ceejay - Glad you had a good weekend. Work = necessary evil

Shad - A walk outdoors sounds much nicer than being in the stinky exercise room. So, did you bedazzle or bewilder?? More importantly - did one or the other work for you?

Mel - I'm so glad you're back on power in the building. Must have been scary hoping your chairs wouldn't lose their charge before electricity became available. I hope you've given yourself a good rest - being sick right now would be a horrible thing. You can't do anyone else any good if you're sick! Please, please let us know if you think of some way we can help from afar!!

Hellos to Patty, Ellen and Mary!
My weekend was fine, very uneventful. Okay, sort of dull. I walked home from the train Friday and then took doggy for a long walk around the neighborhood. I watched some holiday movie on the Hallmark channel and ended up falling asleep on the sofa after I'd eaten my dinner.

Bf got home early Saturday - around mid-morning. The sleeping arrangements were not good for him at his friend's place and he just decided to head home after a late night and a couple hours of non-sleep. I made us egg sandwiches (poached egg on English muffin with cheese and Canadian bacon - sound familiar?) and after that bf went to bed. I went out to run some errands, including a visit to the resale shop. They've got all the holiday items out - very cute. I saw a pretty ornament that I considered for the book club's ornament exchange, but I think I prefer to look for something cute or humorous instead.

Didn't do much the rest of the day except another long dogwalk - this time by the creek.

Sunday was a lazy morning with tea, toast, and newspaper, then we watched the football game & had lunch. I did some laundry and took doggy for yet another long walk. (He can handle longer walks in this cooler weather, and I get more exercise too!) Poor guy, his internal clock was not reset along with the rest of the nation, so of course he expected his walk and his dinner earlier. It was a nice thing he also went to sleep earlier too because he was kind of fussy all day.

Well, another workweek begins. I didn't do any exercise classes last week, so I need to do some this week for sure. I've already responded that I'm skipping the movie night this week - that leaves another night available for a class. Tonight I might do the boring step class, though it'll probably be challenging for me since I haven't been doing any cardio to speak of lately.

Okay, enough rambling Back to work!
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