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Morning all,
Saturday here and not before time. Yesterday was just plain silly. I got given a job to do - tart up the Roads Report Specification - by the project director. Okay - go see this person and ring this person and check out this person. So I did. From the ringing I got an earful of whinging and moaning. From the go see person I got, oh sh*t haven't read the spec. Will do and get back to you next week. From the check out person I got, (basically in Indian dialect amid much shaking of head) I know nothing about this. I just got to interface SAP with GIS and poke it into the website. Have you got the GIS spec? No and I don't want to, see so and so. Then he said you really should go and see the project director. Full circle. Round and round we go. You put your left leg in and take your left leg out. Put your leg in and shake it all about. Now I am going crazy doing the Hokey Tokey. It's lucky I get paid regularly and there isn't much work about at the moment and many of my friends are looking for work.

Happy - a weekend off. Yeehaa. Hope you get some stuff done around the place and some time off for good behaviour. Can't imagine there would be much call for popcorn in the winter.

Annie - well there was a step in the right direction. Not going to the nightclub and being tempted to drink. Well done. And think of the cash you saved. All waiting to be put into the travel fund.
Poor wee man all doped up and wanting to cry and having to have his photo taken.
Hope you get more sense out of your bosses than I got out of mine. Still I will probably sign up for another three months if offered.

Laura - at least you were doing some exercise. Some is better than none.

Michelle - Happy packing and moving for this weekend. It will be tough but you will come out of this stronger and more motivated. If I was closer I'd be there helping you pack and keeping track of your boxes and beds.

Ceejay - see below for Mel info.

Had an email from Mel. She is okay. Probably won't post here until the power is re-established properly. She is worried that the power surges may affect her computer and it would be devastating for her if that happened. She is seeking help from the powers that be because she and Jen and Richie can no longer cope with the demands from the seniors. So she has her priorities straight. She has food to last for a week or so. But the other building have not been so lucky and they have opened their building for day shelter and for recharging phones etc. Apparently all the local schools are camp grounds and there is a lot of damage. Things won't be back to normal for quite a while. Richie is almost out of gas so they can't go anywhere even if there was anywhere to go.

I would like to do something for them but have the problem of if sending money for example, do I put it directly in the bank - and what ramifications would that have with the government and taxes - seems every unproved penny causes trouble in that quarter. If I send it via money transfer like Western Union, how do they get to pick it up and is the places like that working at this time. Can I send a care parcel and will it get there. None of you lot are close enough to be able to sort anything either. Anyway, by next week we should have a clearer picture.

In the meantime, I need to go do some shopping (read retail therapy) and get some bits and pieces in. We had rain last night and it seems to have made the place somewhat more bearable out there. So look after yourselves, be kind to each other and look after the wildlife.
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