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Was thinking about just hiding and not posting for a few days. I'm
Embarrassed to say that I binged AGAIN yesterday. My direct supervisor at the charter school I teach at got fired- so I was worried about my job... (I have been following her instructions all year)... My computer crashed and I lost all o my edited music for choreography this year as well as permission slips, grades, and disclosure documents- which now I'm worried I'll need to give someone else because my supervisor is gone... The saddest part is that I had gone out to get a hard drive THAT day! Just didn't get to it fast enough... Also I got my birth control shot two days ago- so the next few days I feel super hormonal.. I am stressed that SAD season is here... And the school lost my receipt for a $200.00 purchase I made- now I probably won't be reimbursed.

By you know- food didnt solve ANY of those problems! In fact- now I just have those problems and I feel bloated and angry. I felt so justified in bingeing yesterday... And now that it's over I'm regretting every bite..

Sorry for the length and whiny-ness. I feel better letting all of that out. I'm so thankful to have found a place where others understand this crazy relationship with food.

Kittykatfan- good luck on doing better this month! I'm hoping for some improvements as well!!

Missunshine- we can both get to 10 days! I'm sorry you the having a hard time... It seems that being home is tough on most people- I'm really pulling for you!

Tubolard- I could use some strength from you for sure! Keep up the good work!

Mottaina8- keep us posted on how your plan works for you!

Gotothegym- good luck getting through November!
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