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Red meat is number 1 for me. So much so that I make sure to NEVER eat it at night. It takes forever to digest.

Beans. I'm Brazilian, and we eat a lot of rice and beans here. It's very filling.

Cheese, though obviously you should go for the lower calorie choices.

Eggs don't do anything for me. They're as light as lettuce. Tasty, but I'm hungry soon after. I usually make omelets with cheese if I don't wanna be hungry again in half an hour. Also, it's yummy!

As for fruit, I agree with pineapple. Bananas are good, too. Apples actually make me hungrier, and I eat them when I've overeaten all the rest, to help with digestion.

Happy belated anniversary! I'm with you. I could happily eat 3000 calories every day and not feel overstuffed.

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