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danzigurl- good luck with your mini goal i'm gonna try it too because 10 days is still better than 0 days. let's do it together...
mottainai- the no money strategy seems pretty good, it works for me too i was all week without money like literally broke and could't buy anything to binge untill i got home from uni...the refeed days happen to me too ...too often sometimes :/

i seriously need to get a grip and start dealing with things differently. i'm not solving anything with binging. i'm finally home for the holidays and the old environment and people make me binge like before. especially if i'm home alone. i feel bad comming home and eating all the food that's in the fridge and then praying that no one will notice it. i just want to lose these 20 pounds but the scale keeps going back and forward. sometimes i wonder if it's even worth losing it anymore...
There is a skinny woman inside of me crying to get out but I shut the b**** up with cookies.
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