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Michelle - good luck with your move. Hope you don't mess up your back. Are you taking furniture too? I certainly hope so. And I hope you took the good stuff

Laura - glad the cough is manageble now but I would think with all the decomposing leaves and wood fires (fireplaces) that are starting, it might be a bit more irritating. So you worked up a sweat with "Classic Stretch"? Sounds like more that reaching and lifting

Annie - hang in there - only a day and a half until the weekend when you can relax with the family and get away from the work stuff. Hope your back is doing better.

Shad - it's about time you are relaxing. A glass of wine and a book sounds just like what you need after your hectic week. Enjoy! And I'd hate people who would call in a ticket just as they were about to leave work themselves and then when you call back either they are gone or the person you need to help them has left

It's snowing outside. Just barely cold enough to turn rain into snow so it's light but steady - the ground is still warm enough so it won't stick but it's dreary out. I'm off today and have a few things to do around the house including making some soups. Oh and yesterday the store owner said she will be cutting hours as we get dead slow now - ok by me although she still wants me to work 3 days a week it seems.

Gotta go - DH wants to go into town and I'm going with. Later chicks...
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