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Thanks for the new thread, danzingurl!

It sounds like a few people had a rough ending to the month. Big hugs to those!
I think we can all take our experiences from the past month as learning opportunities, not dwell on our past mistakes, and keep moving forward into November! (:

I'm avoiding a binge as I write -- my class was unexpectedly cancel this morning, which translates in my mind into an excellent binge opportunity, but (un)fortunately I've got no money with me, so there's no choice but to stay on plan. My binging-self is pretty frustrated, but my OP-self is very relieved not to have to try to make that decision by willpower.

Best to you all!

EDIT to say: my goal for this No Binge November is really truly going to be "no binges." I'm planning in one day a week to have what I would normally call a "binge," but since it's going to be planned I won't let myself feel guilty if I take it and just call it a treat/refeed meal. Right now that feels a safe enough goal to me, to commit to no unplanned binges otherwise!

Goal 1: get and stay under 60 kg
Goal 2: get and stay under 55 kg
Goal 3 (???) : 50 kg again

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