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I lost a brother to prostate cancer in late February. I'd become so fat that I had nothing reasonable to wear to his wake/funeral. Due to being so heavy I'd outgrown anything in my 'smaller' wardrobe that would have been appropriate and for some time now had avoided clothes shopping. Too depressing. So I only had a very limited number of clothes that fit and they were all very casual. So it was unavoidable that I had to go shopping for something to wear. I didn't realize what a chore it was going to be - was totally depressed to find that I'd outgrown regular women's sizes, and had to pretty much settle for whatever would fit and serve the purpose. This whole situation somehow motivated me to get serious about losing the weight. And in my mind I dedicated my weight loss goal to my brother who I know would applaud the fact that I'm getting slim and healthier again. I decided to look for a local nutritionist to support me in a long-term weight loss effort, and while googling stumbled across Ideal Protein, and our local clinic. I was intrigued, called, and made an appointment for the next day, at which I signed up.

P.S. During the reception after the funeral, once of my nieces laughingly told me that someone had asked her if her father (another brother) and I were twins. While I'm proud of my whole family, that really threw me - he's the eldest and I'm the youngest - there's a 16 year age difference! That comment also added 'fuel to the weight-loss goal fire'.
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