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Default HMR Recipe - Tortilla(less) Soup

So, nothing fancy this time, and this meal will not take long to prepare. Tortilla(less) soup is one of my quick and easy go-tos when I'm in need of a little comfort food, especially in cold weather. It may not photograph particularly prettily, but let me assure you that this soup is thick, creamy, warm, and filling. I cannot even guess how many times I've eaten this meal...but it's lots and lots. And lots. There was about three weeks in a row when I had this for supper six nights out of seven. Not joking, truth.

This has a serious tortilla soup feel to it. The flavors are familiar and I tend to use these spices a lot, but sometimes, familiar is nice, too. I got this recipe from a couple of folks in my class. They swore by it, talking to each other with pure enthusiasm when bringing this recipe up. I'm not sure which one of them came up with it first, but I'm so glad they mentioned it to me. When I make it, I appreciate the fact that there are so few ingredients on this list. I added the garlic though. Everything is better with garlic.

So yeah, the spoon is out of focus, but the soup in the bowl is clear! Don't judge. See how thick and creamy? Soooo glad I just got to eat this, otherwise I would have to go make it right now.

Also, thanks to my mom for donating some cool bowls and plates to the blog cause. You rock!

See the recipe and pictures here:
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