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This is really a problem for me. I just lost 60 lbs and people recoil in horror when they see me every day -- well not horror but they just can't stop saying something.

But the the thing.. I don't see it. In fact I often look in the mirror and think I look the same.

A few things
- Just like when I was fat, the mirror lies. I can't see things in glass reflections as clearly as photos. I do find I have to take photos to remind myself.

- I suspect there may be a layer of fat or tissue or something that doesn't exactly go down for a while. So the scale says 150 but you still look bloated a bit. I think your body may reuse these materials but it takes time.

- I still have a lot of my old clothing and when I wear them, of course I still look fat. The clothing is big. It is hard to replace your wardrobe but, I think it is crucially important to purchase fitting clothing or even too tight clothing.

Clothing is tricky. Most of my clothing before was likely too small for me. So it was tight on my 200 lb frame and now I am walking around in 200 lb clothing on a 155 lb person. No wonder.

Those are my thoughts but I still struggle with it.
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