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Wish I could go to LV. My sis who lives in Dallas, has grand children who live there. Sounds like good things are coming your way.

Mel has given some god advice concerning the job. Hang in there.

Poor Jen. Hope her nose doesn't turn blue. People will think you two have had a fight. he he. Like the tote.

I wish I could use a knife that well. I watch some of the cooking channels on t.v. They make it looks so easy.

Are you a busy beaver?

Glad you are back home. We have missed you. Enjoy the visit with your mom.

Wow, those pictures are amazing. Always wondered what 1.3 million would look like. I used to watch the show house hunters, but don't think they ever showed the outside.

I knew I was forgetting someone. Try to be as civil as possible. Sounds like he's hurting over being found out.
So cute that Santa followed you around.
Good news with the neighbors. Think I over reacted. But still going to hold my ground.
The gs is supposed to go home tomorrow.
I had a long day with the doctor's appt. Spent an hour in the regular dr's office. Had my blood work drawn and after I told him I'd been having sharp pains in my upper chest he sent me down to x-ray. Was scolded about not getting my b12 injections, sigh, told him I'd been taking the vitamin B12 tablet--not good enough--as I'm still a bit anemic. Chest x-ray shows I have pneumonia, sigh, in the area where the pains are. The other lung is clear. I've been extra tired but not sick. He then sent me to have a cat scan done. Haven't received those results yet. It takes 48 hours.
Gyn visit went well. He scheduled me for a mammogram at the end of the month.
Visited with my gf. We went to eat catfish and the trimmings and as we were leaving in walked the pastor where I go to church and another male member. Told her I would miss her and when I got home she'd texted me that she was not going. I'm so relieved. She is not in good enough health to make that trip.
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