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The contractor showed up tonight and is removing the two chipped ceramic tiles in my kitchen floor. I hope he can finish all of what he has to do this weekend. Bob is supervising and helping as needed! Ernie's little brother took off across the yard and Ernie headed for the basement. Working all day is for the birds! I am tired tonight! I've done everything on my "to do" list and will write check vouchers tomorrow then catch up on magazines or my book, unless something else comes up.

Susan -- on the maintain! You are doing so well; I'm glad you enjoy the workouts. I hope Casper is feeling better. It's nice that he can stay with his Aunt Glory while you are teaching this weekend. I've heard that our winter will be colder and wetter than last year; then the next report is another mild one like last year. I guess we'll see when it gets here.

Maggie -- Are you going to be in the re-enactment this weekend? It does sound like fun. You are smart to carry a gun if you are in snake country! I'd probably shoot myself in the foot! The folding machine wasn't broken, I just couldn't get it set right to do a triple fold evenly. I got the double fold part to work fine so I only had to hand fold 250 sheets. It didn't take long. I'd rather have something to do than sit and watch the clock go around. There were no church activities today so it was really quiet. It will be quiet again tomorrow; there is a funeral on Saturday but I don't have to be there for that.

I have a load of towels in the dryer that I need to fold and start another load of clothes. Bob finished harvest yesterday so have grubby farm clothes to wash and always run an empty cycle afterwords to be sure the tub is clean. Enjoy your evening.
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