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Good afternoon, ladies! In the 80s and humid.

I maintained at the Y this week but I expected that after my big loss last week. The workouts with the trainer are fantastic. He has really shown me I can do a lot more than I thought. We worked out with kettle bells on Tuesday night and I took a 10 pound one. He had us set out weights down and then go and get the next bigger ones (20 pounds). We started with the lighter one and it was not to difficult. Then he had us do the same thing with the bigger one and I was amazed I could do it.

I had to take Casper to the vet yesterday. He's been sneezing and sneezing and not eating or drinking much. She said his lungs aren't congested and he didn't have an elevated temp so she thinks its seasonal allergies but she gave him an antibiotic shot and I have some pills to get in him every 12 hours for the next 2 weeks. He seemed a little better today. All he wants is for me to hold him so I'm not getting much done. I have to teach at the retreat for the next 3 days so he is going to stay with his Aunt Glory.

Faye, what a wonderful trip. I really love your hair style. I know it was expensive but it sure looks good.

Jean, I don't even want to think about snow. I'm hoping for none this winter. Our average snowfall is 7 inches per year. Bummer on the folding machine not working right. That was a nice picture you put on Facebook.

Maggie, you are doing so well with your weight loss. You'll be at 100 pounds before you know it. Doesn't it feel good? I have so much more energy when I exercise regularly and I sleep better.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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