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Good morning to you ladies. It is cool this morning but supposed to heat up into the 80's again today. We have leaves everywhere, but I want most of them to fall before we do any cleanup.

We thought we would have new neighbors when we got back, but they haven't rented out the place next door and it is going on the second month. I am curious why of course as he is usually hot to trot to get someone in there right away. Doesn't bother me it is empty that's for sure other than people figuring it out and using it for drugs or something.

Our room attendent was a peach. He kept everything spotless, he hunted down Jack's piece of luggage when it never got delivered, and they clean the rooms top to bottom twice a day and do a turn down, which is nice of course. He got me two extra blankets to use to help me sleep too. He was just as nice as he could be and always called us by name whenever he would see us. He told us he cleans 15 rooms twice a day and used to have to do more than that. On top of that, he is at our beck and call 24/7 so they work really hard and the pay is not great at all. We prepaid our gratuities, which the ship divides between several people, but we gave him an extra $40 and the waiters each an extra $20 apiece. Each table in the dining room has a main waiter and an asst waiter and they serve you every night. Our waiters were great and they also knew everyone's first name, brought your drinks out every night before you asked and bent over backwards to give you whatever you wanted to eat even if it wasn't on the menu. Each night has a theme and the waiter would explain everything that was involved in the themed menu or you could choose from the menu for the evening. The head waiter came around every night to make sure everyone was happy and visited every table and this place is huge. We only ran into a couple people we found to be anything other than pleasant and gracious. There were two female servers that were a little not rude exactly but when everyone else is falling all over themselves to please you, these two didn't seem to care much. I also had to deal with a guy in the photo gallery who was a bit snippy, but other than that, everyone was over the top nice.

We went to two production musical shows, one of which was supposed to be funny but wasn't and they were ok, but we have seen better. Their ice show was fantastic even with the incident that happened in our row. This over the top flashy trashy woman was sitting beside me and I think she was about 3 sheets to the wind. There was a cute Norwegian couple with their little 5 year old girl right in front of me. The flashy one was whooping and hollering, even laughed uproariously when one of the female skaters fell. The young Norwegian lady turned around and politely asked her if she would quiet down a bit. Well, instead she made more noise and she asked again and even her husband told her if she didn't quiet down they would be asked to leave, but she was on a roll. When yelling to high heaven didn't seem to work anymore, she leaned over and clapped loudly in the young woman's ear. Well, then the fun really began because the Norwegian man grabbed the woman's hand and told her to stop and leave his wife alone and the husband of the loudmouth stood up and grabbed the guy and here we go. You know me, never one to back off so I leaned over between them and told them to calm down and Jack went and got security. At the end of the performance when they got up to leave, loud mouth's husband tapped the other guy on the shoulder. I thought he was going to apologize but instead he told him, "I'll meet you outside!" Because we had gotten security involved they were waiting and as the two couples came out, one took one one way and the other the other way. The next day they came to my cabin and took a statement from me. I made it clear loud mouth started the whole thing (oh yes, and her husband had her move eventually to the other side of him where there were free seats and she was seated next to an elderly couple and started it again and the older man basically told her to shut up!) So we had our little drama.

Here is our bunny towel animal. The ships propellers were going and it made the ship vibrate and our bunnie's ears were waggling back and forth. Jack took some video of it. Also the other picture is in Phillipsburg, St. Maartin. They have a lot of high end hotels and resorts and this was one of them.

Jean: I didn't get seasick, but we had several days of higher winds around 30-40 mph and they were coming crosswise across the ship so it rocked sort of. Well, I found it really messed up my equalibrium and I had to hold on to Jack everywhere we went. We went to a show and I started down the marble stairs and almost fell because I was so overbalanced. I had to put up with that for about 4 days, but I was never nauseaous. I can't look out the windows or stand at the sides because it makes me dizzy to see the water moving. Sounds like you had a busy day yesterday. One of my friends from high school that lives in Montana I think had a wicked snowfall yesterday and high winds to boot so I guess 50 degree temps aren't too bad!

Maggie: Sounds like Cecil knows who is boss! Fortune barks at us if he wants something so it is about the same. If he wants to be fed he stands at his bowl and barks at me! Congrats on how far you have come weight loss wise.

Well enough blabbing for me. Time to unload the dishwasher and get upstairs and unpack the last bag. We have a load of laundry to put away and this bag and then everything is back to normal. We have to go grocery shopping on Saturday and on Monday I will start back to my cleaning routine. Have a good one today! Faye
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