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Good morning to you all! It is cool here this morning and supposed to only get into the low 70's. Our deck is covered in leaves so guess fall is upon us.

Onto the cruise saga: On Wednesday was the excursion to St Thomas. We paid for a tour of the island and brother what a lousy tour. First off, the company doing the tour was using really old open air truck type thing with metal bench seats with a really high step up. They were made for 4 persons per row and they squished 5 into each row and I couldn't get into the thing as it was too high for my bad knee so I had to sit up front with the driver! On top of that, it was around 90 degrees that day with about 80% humidity and no one wanted to be all squished together. I didn't even get to sit with my husband! On top of that, his radio was broken so he couldn't even give us a "tour talk." Instead of taking us to places like where the pirates used to roam and stuff like that, he took us up one steep mountain and stopped at small tourist traps to take pictures of the scenes down below. I think he got a cut from the vendors personally. So many people complained about it, that Royal Caribbean gave us our money back. Picture of the ships docked at St Thomas.

Thursday was a whole different banana. We again had booked a tour of the islands and were dreading it. It was still very hot and we had to walk almost 1/2 mile to the place we were picked up. On the up side, it was a huge air conditioned bus and this guy gave us one heck of a tour of St Maartin, which is actually two countries, Phillipsburg is Dutch and Marigot is French. He gave us tons of info about both sides. We stopped for 45 minutes at a flea market, nothing to write home about. Jack bought a button down tropical shirt, but they had no tshirts to get the boys so I passed. I was really sick too. My uterus was acting up and it caused my colon to have diverticulitis trouble so I was in a lot of pain the whole trip. On top of that, I was afraid to stand up and get out of the bus heading back because I was afraid I would have an accident. Jack found out they had these little tram things like they use at the airport that take you to and from the boat so we caught one back, which was a God send. Here is a picture of us as we got off the boat at Phillipsburg.

Friday and Saturday were at Sea Days and we found out the last two days they have huge sales. Since Friday was my birthday, Jack bought me these for my birthday. The ring is a diamond, topaz and sapphire ring set in a copper band. The bracelets are the Pandora style. We got great deals on all three and saved $300 dollars off the retail price by waiting until Friday and Saturday. I also got a tshirt for Thomas and saved $7 on it.

Jack surprised me at dinner. He had the waiter and assistant waiter put a candle on a chocolate dessert and the waiters and the table sang happy birthday to me. It was a great birthday for sure.

On Saturday we just hung out and packed. What a nightmare that was. The room was surprizingly spacious and we had room to put everything away and hung up and we stored our bags under the bed. We have to have the luggage outside our door to be picked up between 7-11 PM. We had a separate bag packed to have overnight and to take to the hotel on Sunday. Everything goes so smoothly.

Tomorrow, I'll tell you all about the waiters at dinner and our room steward and the shows we say. Drama there too.

I will include a pick of our towel animals that our room steward placed in our room every evening. This was a dog. PS: this is not my beautiful haircut! It was so hot my head was soak and wet almost all the time so I just pulled it behind my ears or whatever I could do to make it cooler. Faye
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