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Afternoon gals. I came in here a couple times this morning and each time got interrupted so will try again.

We left here around 3:30 PM and drove to Macon, GA and stayed the night then drove on into Port Canaveral. They have a turnpike where you pay but this is the weirdest thing we have ever encountered. You would drive about 5 miles and pay a toll, then another 5 and pay a toll. Now this had nothing to do with exits nor did we change roads. We paid $9 in tolls, $1 at a time!

On Sunday morning we had the earliest shuttle to the terminal so we got off around 10:30 AM. So glad I reserved the package deal because he dropped us off right where you leave your bags and go into the terminal. Let me tell you, I got a whole lot of exercise walking last week. It was a gazillion miles once you walked into the terminal and got in line to check in. We were front of the line so check in breezed right through and soon we were on the ship. We went to the buffet restaurant (all I can say is huge ICK!) Only decent thing they had was hot dogs and that's what I ate everytime we went there, which was only when we were in port and the dining room was closed. The little cafe on board had these delicious tiny croissant turkey and ham sandwiches and it was open 24-7 and was one floor down and across the walk from our room so easy peasey if you got hungry. They also had a Sorrento's pizza 24-7 and their pizza was really good. One of the most amazing things is you can eat or drink anywhere and I mean anywhere on the ship. There are no restricted areas at all and can even order a drink before their shows start. On Sunday we were so exhausted we went to bed at 8 PM then woke up at Midnight and Jack wanted pizza so we dressed and went to Sorrento's. It was quiet as a church except for one smart aleck guy walking away from us with a beer. He said, "Hey, the old codgers are out prowling tonight!" (meaning us! ) I asked Jack if he felt like an old codger!

Monday was an at sea day so we just hung out, went to the adults only pool (and it was deep, yahoo!) so I loved that. We dressed for dinner as it was formal night and my navy dress was a disaster. It was way too big and I couldn't wear it as it had gotten all stretched out somehow. So the picture you see is the first formal night and I wore the black and white dress. We had fabulous dinner parters, 3 couples we had such a good time with all week we exchanged addresses and such. Ahh and Jack ate the escargot btw and liked it as did I. They fix them in a garlic butter sauce and the things themselves have no taste just texture, very similar to what a button mushroom that is cooked not raw is like. We also had this delicious seafood ceviche one night and I had a yummy poblano pepper and corn soup (Maggie you would have loved this one) Jack tried duck, lamb chops, and a variety of things he had never eaten before. He told me he didn't eat one thing he didn't like.

Tuesday was another at sea day. We goofed off all day for the most part and visited with tons of people. Jack wore his USN retired had that I bought him for Father's Day and there were tons of retired military on board so he was in hog heaven as everyone stops and visits with you. Most on board were 50+ but there were young couples and some families though not a lot.

Since Wed was first excursion day and it was awful, I will save it for tomorrow.

Missed you all very much. Missed my doggy too, but he did great except he woke Kelly up at 6 AM everyday (he gets up with Jack every morning )

Talk to you again tomorrow. I have to go get out more laundry and put the next load in. Gracious we wore a lot of clothes! Faye
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