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Good Morning, Flowers! It's a cool 55 degrees, sunny, and breezy in my neighborhood this morning. Most of the leaves on our tree in the front yard have fallen. Bob hopes for wind to blow them to the cat hating neighbors yard! She was on the answering machine when we got home Sunday, inviting us to a bonfire in their back yard Saturday night. Too bad we were gone.

I've been on the phone with a friend for over an hour and I've counted the gift shop money so need to make a bank run. Then it is the never ending decluttering, magazine sorting, dusting and vacuuming waiting for me.

Maggie -- on the great loss of 80.8#s! That is wonderful! We didn't have as many at the meeting yesterday so I left some cookies with the hostess, froze the oatmeal cookies I like, sent the Special K bars with Bob, and have the pumpkin cookies going to church this afternoon. Ernie's "little brother" has pretty much taken up residence on the deck. He isn't too brave about being petted unless I sit down on the deck with him and then he will come to me. Will's Octoberfest shindig sounds like fun.

I need to get going and get something done. Enjoy a terrific Tuesday!
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