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Originally Posted by Arctic Mama View Post
If you want to cut them out, do it. But the cravings are normal and the benefit of entirely eliminating the sugar and starch sources of carbohydrate is that after about thre or four days the cravings almost disappear, to a shocking degree. If you continue to eat a small amount of starch it may kick up the cravings again, but going cold turkey and really getting rid of it has a ton of benefits. Just stick with it and give it a good two weeks to begin seeing a cessation of cravings, water retention, and increased energy. And if you're not already, I highly recommend following an actual plan, rather than just going generally low carb. The former tends to be more successful for most folks in terms of adherence.
I agree with this. There are many plans out there and several that allow for some limited carbs. I was a big bread eater but I really don't crave it much. I find my meals are far more filling if it's got some protein, veggies, healthy fat. There are these shitake tofu noodles that work really well as a pasta substitute and I also like cauliflower and squash.
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