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My husband is the same as you. Every weekend we make a bunch of loaves of bread and eat them throughout the week. We've slowly cut down adn he finds he doesn't crave them as much. Instead of going full cold turkey, try incorporating a starch/grain-free day into your week. That's what my husband has done and it worked for him. He found that he could go without bread/pasta/etc. for several meals a day.

Biggest help in this? SQUASH!! I bought a julienne peeler a couple weeks ago and I peel zucchini into spaghetti like strands, dump healthy meaty marinara or homemade pesto on it and voila! PASTA. Warmed up in a pan on the stove (with PAM) changes the texture to more like pasta (also shrinks so do a lot, we use 1 zucchini for 2 people). Squash is loaded with vitamins and is very filling. Lately, I've thrown pumpkin into everything (especially convenient since it comes in cans!).

For sandwhiches, try using a big hearty leaf of lettuce and fill it with yummy but healthy ingredients. If the lettuce is stiff enough you can use it like a boat. If it's a big floppier, try it like a wrap/tortilla.

Quinoa is still a grain but it's like a super grain so definitely a good extremely filling alternative. I try to eat it like I would rice and I get stomach aches because of how filling it is. You could use quinoa for a sweet treat too, quinoa pudding comes to mind! Chia seeds and flax are also a filling additive you can put into some dishes to make you fuller and they have a nutty flavour.

Good luck. Living with a bread addict has made me very sympathetic!
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