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Patzi-Thanks for the tip on the confectioners sugar. I seldom use it, but there are a few recipes that if I'm making it for me I'd like the substitution (if I'm making it for others and I don't really want to eat the kids' bday cake...I'll go ahead and use the real stuff and just save my calories for rich chocolate).

I'm maintaining. For about a week I've been trying the just eating 3 meals, and I actually really like it. I actually also try to keep each meal around 500 calories. I am eating fewer total calories because I'm not always snacking. If I do get truly hungry between meals (like on workout days) I just make sure it's small and there is protein involved. Also, sometimes I eat part of my 500 calorie breakfast early and then have the other half a few hours later...just depends on my schedule. My maintenance eating should be around 1900, but my counselor and I both decided trying for around 1500 daily would be better, then one treat meal a week shouldn't cause long term gain. So far so good as far as maintaining. Originally I had wanted to get down a few more pounds, but it was causing all of my pants to be too baggy and I really don't want to buy new clothes again...I feel great where I am. And I know what I need to do to get down those few pounds if I want to get a little wiggle room for something like a wedding.
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