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Originally Posted by nwcgina View Post
I'm exactly with you...I'm so much healthier and look better than I ever have or ever thought I even could...yet I was realizing that I was more critical about my appearance than I was 40 pounds ago (or 70 pounds ago for that matter). So I need to celebrate and love here...and work like **** to stay here.

Any thoughts on # of times people eat per day on maintenance. Green menu was 3...and I was always hungry so we switched to metabalance which helped tremendously. I've been trying to eat similar to metabalance on maintenance, but I think the 3 snacks a day lead to too much eating for me. I'm thinking now that I can have a little more food I really do better with 3 meals and maybe a light afternoon snack (sometimes it is quite a while between lunch and supper...or I sometimes have a really early "supper" like at 4, then need a small snack when I get home from work at 8, 9, or 10). What do you all do better with? Part of the reason I think the 3 snacks was too much is since I'm trying to wean off the HNS's again its hard to find other snacks without hitting major food boredom.
I eat three meals and then have a snack of the cocoa, a piece of chocolate, and a yogurt in the evening. I've also found I tend to want to snack in the afternoon, so I save my lunchtime fruit and eat it later in the afternoon when I get the munchies.

If i spread my meals out too much, I never get a totally "full" feeling (not necessarily over-full or uncomfortable, just full), which I've discovered I need to feel in order to feel like I've had enough food and to keep myself from randomly snacking throughout the day. It's almost like I feel like my meal was incomplete and I should eat more if I don't feel full after a meal.

I've been struggling with being back in a school building. I spent the last few years working a quasi-administrative position at the central office for my district, where the cafeteria had a salad bar and people generally didn't bring treats/snacks in unless there was a meeting. Now that I'm back in a building, I have to plan ahead for lunch (NO WAY can I eat anything coming out of the school cafeteria), my meal times aren't as flexible, and people offer food and put out food/snacks for grazing all over the place and almost on a daily basis. I'm managing, but it's really testing my willpower some days!
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