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Originally Posted by WingnutandMe View Post
Thanks. I have just recently seen some recipes on cooking ribs in the Actifry. I didn't grow up with calling them dry ribs. Learned that in Memphis, the barbeque capital of the world. Been gone from Memphis now 17 years, so I thought there was some super fantastic thing for ribs.

As for jicama, all the stores seem to have them here, but this is the south. How many thousands and thousands of miles am I from you. For you to track down jicama in Saskatchewan is like me tracking down rhubarb in rural Georgia. Good luck with it. Rainbow's fried jicama chips are wonderful.

Have a great evening, mompattie

Oh Molly, you are sooo cute!! We could trade some rhubarb for jicama!! LOL! You're right though, rhubarb literally grows like weeds here!! You made me smile, you are sunshine!

Originally Posted by ddd849 View Post
Mom pattie, I found jicama at Superstore in PA.

I still have half left. I didn't like it.

The actifry sounds pretty cool though. Maybe that would help. I tried making fries out of it in the oven. I found them too sweet.
Awesome!!! I'm going to PA Thurs so i will stop superstore and find some jicama. Now only if we could find okra... Thanks for the help!!!

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