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I am so relieved to know there are sites as this that we can turn to each other during unfortunate miserable times as these. My story is that I am 23 yrs old and lost my menstrual cycle. I go to my OBGYN and he runs test & finds my prolactin level is 350...waaayyy above normal. Im freaked out, then become more freaked out to find out I have a macroadenoma pituitary tumor that produces the annoying breast milk Ive been having. I can now understand why I went from 130lbs to 198lbs. I tell you it has been tough having people talk badly about you because you gained weight, people think your pregnant, scared of possibly not having children, depression, headaches, moody, new wardrobe, and frequent urination, slight blurry vision. This is such a horrible thing to have, Im glad Im not alone. The only thing that seems to help me with losing weight is Herbalife. I tried everything else you name it, and i couldnt lose a friggin pound! On herbalife I went from 198 to now im 174. Its been very slow but hey its progress within a little less than a year. As for medication I begin cabergoline pills .5mg twice a week starting october. Wish me luck with this medication guys. Its supposed to shrink my tumor to avoid surgery. I pray it helps to shrink it and shrink my weight as well. Above all everyone keep faith. God gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers. I find hope in your stories .... I hope you can find hope in mine as well. I will keep posting my progress.
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