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Great conversation. Love it...I'm coming up on 6 months of maintaining my new weight. I've stayed in the same 5 pound range (yes, a day or two when the salt really got out of control and bloated above that, but it was all lost the next day when flushing out my system). I did think I wanted to get down to 150. So far I'm hanging around 152...and really I've decided that's a good place for me. If I go lower with continuing to eat metabalance (slowly weaning off the HNS's and replacing with real protein food) and exercising, then great. But really don't have a desire to make much more of a change because I'd have to buy all new clothes...again. And I don't want to pursue "perfect" forever. I want to pursue health. Really wanting to do a triathlon next summer. AND keep the weight off through the holidays. Began MRC last year on Nov 1, day after Halloween and stayed away from all of the kids' candy. I think I need to come up with a reward system for doing that again this new shoes or something like that if I stay away from candy and maintain my weight through all the holidays. Any ideas???
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