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I don't think you're being judgemental at all, what you're saying is that you want healthier options when you go out to eat and that is your right and it's completely reasonable. Most likely he hasn't thought much about it because what he's eating is normal to him.

Are there places you could go with more variety on the menu? I'm sure you guys can at least compromise but who knows maybe he'll want to try something healthier too. I don't mean this in a 'trying to change him' kind of way either, just that if the option's there it might be worth a try.

I think you should just be honest, that it isn't what you want to eat but that it's perfectly fine that he does. It's about you, not him. You're your own person and there is no reason that you have to eat unhealthy food for somebody else. Maybe just avoid over using the word 'healthy' as he could take that as a criticism of his own food habits.

Good luck!
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