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Originally Posted by drakegirl View Post
Hi IPeeps. Having a bit of a tough time. TOM is looming - I'm so hungry and craving everything! I've been working like crazy and I'm just so ready to move on to phase 2 but I know I should stay on phase 1 longer - it's just the hormones screaming (lol) - just looking for encouragement
I am really glad I stayed on P1 until I lost everything I wanted.
When you get over this craving cycle, you will have a lot more confidence.

I never had cravings like you, so I cannot give you real good advice. But perhaps you should try some things (if you have not already) such as having your restricted early in the day, or eliminating it for a week or so.
Or make sure your higher carbs are at lunch not dinner, or eliminate the higher carb veggies all together for a time.

When my losses slowed down, I went to low carb veggies such as spinach and celery.

And OH! I remember people saying that when you have those cravings you probably have a big loss coming!

Get through this next week, with TOM, and I bet you will see the sun on the other side.



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