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Really maintaining now!
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Oh, hey, glad this thread exists, because I've been meaning to check in! I'm still maintaining -- I think I'm definitely over two years now? -- and my weight's actually been staying consistently lower than it was at my original goal for the last year or so of that. Usually, I'm in the mid-high 150s, with the odd fluctuation upwards to a cycle- or salt-related 160-161.

Recently turned 45, so I'm another 40s maintainer. I still seriously cannot believe I lost well over 200 pounds. I'm getting to the point where I recognise myself in reflective surfaces, but let me tell you, it took AGES. I still look at my clothes and think they're impossibly tiny. (Which they aren't; I wear about a US size 8. But they're tiny compared to those bad old size 30s!)

It's so good to look in and see you all!
Began 14 August 2008
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Goal reset to 160
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